One recipe


I have come to the decision to add sugar free versions of some of the recipes to my cookbook “Bare Recipes” coming out 2017 or 2018.

One recipe that will have both versions will be a Lavender&Cream cupcake -(invented April 1st 2016)….The cupcake will consist of a yellow cake filled with a cream cheese frosting and topped with a Lavender frosting.

Anyway when I get these ideas I like to let them out(so I don’t forget them) on my page because all are covered under my WannaQ.Inc/wandasncredible registeration…and I want my fans to get a feel of what’s to come.



I haven’t been human lately

The aliens have missed me

And resumed their abductive ways

They love me like that

Just when I’m about to get into a deep sleep

I feel my body being lifted up

The light shines bright and then I feel peace

All I remember is returning feeling satisfied

Better than I did the day before

But exhausted and sleeping all day

I wanted to object but at least someone cares enough

To teach me a lesson

Take me out

Bring me back home

As I have partied all night long

I’m becoming

Slowly but surely

One of them

But who wants to be human anyway?????

By Wanda Jefferson

Price Matching

I did this by simply price matching the razors then using coupons on top of that! 31 packs of razors = 98 total razors = my cost -34.68!!! My biggest haul yet!! Without knowing the exact price I just know they cost around $9.00 and not including tax it’s over a $279.00 savings! I price […]