“Your Faith Has Healed You”

Twice in the new testament Jesus says, “Your faith has healed you.” I take this as significant about how healing works, and I can attest personally that faith is a very large aspect of obtaining healing in my own life. My path may have diverged on multiple occasions, but I never lost my faith in God. … Continue reading “Your Faith Has Healed You”


Work It

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My White Rabbit

Today isn’t ordinary…I prayed differently…I cried for Prince…I didn’t want to speak to anyone..but I enjoyed speaking to family and building with new family members…I wrote lines to each one of my children’s books…and I’m starting from the beginning on a 6 season binge of LOST…so what’s wrong with me??? I don’t know…I am missing my mother and father…the pressures of life are inescapable and somehow in some way watching this show…makes me wonder…what am I chasing? What is my white rabbit?….I know when I find it…when I get to pick it up and look into its eyes…I’ll know everything…I need to know and what I don’t… I won’t worry about anymore.