It may be a small achievement to some…but to me…my soul is ever grateful and yells”You like me…You really like me” lol


10 Funny Picture Books for Kids

I’m linking up for another Top Ten Tuesday which is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. Every Tuesday they post a new prompt. This week’s prompt is… Ten Books To Make You Laugh. I’m stealing Kate’s idea of listing 10 funny picture books because after my suggestions for tween girls and 10 year old boys, … Continue reading 10 Funny Picture Books for Kids

Leslie: Tips for Traveling with an Infant – Air Travel Edition

Vacations were so easy pre-kids. There was no need to think about nap times or bed times. No thinking about eating needs or entertainment needs or energy outlets. No need to think about extra bags and odd-sized luggage. Traveling with a baby can be extremely daunting. For a first time mom it can seem like … Continue reading Leslie: Tips for Traveling with an Infant – Air Travel Edition

5 Things to Know Before You Buy Hiking Boots

Boot shopping. I hate it. Every time my walking boots break, I soldier on in shameless denial until peer pressure and ridiculousness forces me to buy a new pair.  That’s why three years ago, I was wearing a pair of boots with a piece of pipe insulation stuffed into the heel to stop it collapsing … Continue reading 5 Things to Know Before You Buy Hiking Boots