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The Lamb of God

The promised son carrying the wood, Led up the hill by father in grief. “Where is the lamb?” asks the child. “God will provide!” replies the man. The Anointed One carrying His cross, Mocked by those He came to save. “Here is the Lamb!” God revealed. “God has provided, sinner now come.” The Lion of […]

Planning Ahead Helps Reduce Stress

I have a difficult time doing anything that is not in my normal schedule. Even if it’s as simple as going to a new store to go shopping, meeting someone at a restaurant I’ve never been to before, or going to a get together at a family member’s or friend’s house. I do my best […]

The most important thing

🎼Lord prepare me…To be a sanctuary…pure and holy…tried and true…and with thanksgiving…I’ll be a living…sanctuary…Lord for you🎼

A lot of people value earthly things…They do all they can to destroy your spirit and the gifts of God within you.

But I cannot allow anything,any place or any person to stagnate the most important thing to me..which is to please God!

I am overjoyed,I still have spiritual discernment..I delight in the gift of speaking in tongues…I get absolute joy when I pray,fast and give God the glory. And knowing all of this,despite me being imperfect, makes me weep and worship him all the more.

His love is so genuine and unconditional,that even though we fall short daily,his love,grace,and mercy cradles us all the more.

Brothers and Sisters! I tell you know lie…I would be nothing without God and Christ!!!!