He is Risen


I am so glad that today was NOT about eggs and candy in a basket.

Nor getting dressed to impress and straight frontin in a church you’ll never attend but today.

I am so grateful that my kids know today is not about bunnies and showing off for all the neighborhood to see.

For on Easter…We celebrate the real reason for the season.

We honor Christ by preparing a meal of lamb…taking communion with grape juice symbolizing his blood and bread symbolizing his body.

We read the word and have a discussion about his sacrifice death and resurrection.

My 5 year old says prayers as do we all to God in thanks for his dedication to us.

For on this day Jesus rose from the dead so that I might live.

He paid the price for me so that I can ask for salvation,so that I can follow his will…way and word, and so that I can resist the devil in his name and make him flee.

Many will say I am old fashioned and take the fun out of the holiday but for me and my household,we have fun all year long but on days significant to our faith…we praise the Lord which is no laughing matter, it is however joyous and filled with praise,worship and reverence as we humble ourselves in total adoration to him.

Blessings on the glorious Easter day symbolizing the resurrection of Christ our Lord and Savior!