International Day Of Happiness – 5 things I’m happy about

It’s the International Day Of Happiness! Happiness can be felt in so many ways and for so many different reasons. I am someone who tries to find happiness in every day activities and events. Here are 5 other things that I am happy about today: I have a job interview tomorrow – am I going […]

A Call For Prayer

Creation! Family! Friends! And Prayer warriors!

Please send prayers up for all who are enduring sickness,disease,addiction,hospitalization, and those dealing with loss. The devil is busy but God never sleeps…I am putting self aside and sending prayers up for us all.This too shall pass! I rebuke satan right now in Jesus name! He is a defeated foe family and he cannot have 2016! This is a new year and God has new blessings in store for us all! I thank you in advance Father God for answering the prayers of your faithful….In Jesus name…Selah..Amen!


Variety for Book Signing


Rather than just having my poetry and short books to offer…I have changed the date of the book signing to TBD…for the moment.

I am working on my children’s books being released next month(4/2016) and My novel, poetry book and my short book yearly volumes releasing Fall 2016.

I want to make sure there is something for everyone when I come because I will be spending a week enjoying my hometown …Paterson and the venue will still be at the Paterson Museum!

I will keep you posted on the details but it will be in 2016 definitely so…..Stay tuned!


Gentle Reading Strategies for Early Readers

I have a five year old who really wants to learn to read.  He has approached me before, but simply hasn’t been ready. His vision wasn’t developed enough to identify symbols (letters) or words.  He struggled to distinguish beginning sounds from ending sounds.  He approached me again recently and something was different.  He was reading sight words . […]

Why aren’t you. . .

reading something daily? I get it.  Life gets busy. With our phones, T.V., work, children and husbands there’s little ‘me’ time left.   Even if there was, would you want to spend it reading? You should read something everyday.  And when I say something I am being very broad here.  Not just books.  I don’t know about you but I […]

New York Public Library images.

The New York Public Library is one of the grandest spaces I have been in and I find the open access to such a place inspiring.  For my first post I wanted to share some of my favourite images from the library with you. You will note the first image is not the New York Public Library […]