I Woke Up This Morning

The Lord hears my every cry. He holds the broken. He heals the sick. He raises up the down heartened.  I didn’t take my pain meds yesterday until the evening….I was in soo much pain. I learned my lesson! I feel much better today. When I awoke this morning, the first thing I thought about […]


Ashwagandha tea



……it’s good and good for you! I love a good cup of green tea and chamomile tea too…

Today was a tea day…after spring cleaning and a hot shower…I feel like brand new money and so does my floors……at least I think that’s how they should feel lol


P.S. Add Simply Saline by Arm & Hammer and you’ve got yourself clear sinuses and regeneration of your body if ill or prevention at least.

Ashwaganda Tea Link