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Marketers Targeting Kids


I am watching a documentary required for my business ethics class and I am completely appalled.

We as parents…We as consumers…We as decision makers…

Our kids should be kids and not anyone’s “TARGET”….they are vulnerable and need our leadership…not the other way around…

Promotions are made to our kids…then our kids”nag” or request things from us..then to appease them or to shut them up/make them happy(prove we are great parents)…we purchase it all!!!…and this is sickening!!! But yet we are angry when our kids don’t want to listen to us!!!! Ha!!! It’s a joke when they are leading in the first place!!!!

We need corporate restraint and consumers saying “No” to companies pimping our kids which in turn pimp us!


P.S…..statistics show kids influence 62% of the purchases in our homes…race,creed,color alike!!!…I don’t doubt it at all because if I look from the attic to my basement it proves itself to me!!!