I have a question for you….How many authors do you know? If not many or none…at least you know one now, because I am an author and that is something many people cannot say. If not praying or praising the Lord, I am working or networking, I am ft in school, keeping up my household and raising 4 kids. Writing and starting a business have always been my dreams and now they are becoming a reality….but the success of those dreams start at home…with those I communicate with on a regular basis…with YOU! Please take the time out to support me, buy my work for yourself or even as a gift to a family member or friend who likes poetry. You will have a piece of history to read and in your library, and when I hold my book signings, you can get it signed and be able to say…I know who wrote this…shes not making Patti la belle pies (which are delicious), shes not already rich,shes not a person I may never meet or know but she is still a Sister, striving to succeed, just as any other Black woman( or of any ethnicity) in business would, I speak not only of me but of any startup business or author you may meet or know..our success is determined by the support we receive from those who believe in us…and that support is deeply appreciated…God bless you all…and have a great day!