The L words


Learning: It’s a daily process. I am striving to not only learn but to retain as much information as I possibly can from past mistakes…I’m sick of falling…my knees and hands are scraped,like in school when they put iodine that stung, but yet cleaned the wounds. I want to really learn…no more apologies, because I have no more reasons to fall…stumble maybe… But not fall.

Look: I am looking for greatness! I cannot accept just a mediocre life. There is more to this than me working,paying bills and scrambling for the best. I look for miracles…everyday…and I find them all the time.

Love: Letting love in and recognizing is goodness is so wonderful! I let love let me love ME! My God Loves me! My love loves me! My kids and family loves me…

I love. I love people. I love my God. I love my man and kids. I will not and cannot trade this deep love in my heart for nothing or no one. I love you all… My extended family and I love love love wandasncredible and all projects under WannaQ.Inc.





I was feeling so out of it tonight. I realized the proposals I sent out were wrong, my business startup is taking more time than I wanted and instead of publishing from my start to end I want to publish my work from now until my childhood works!

I cried! I got upset! I felt like a total failure! 

I’m like…”Lord, You know my dream came from you! I have people counting on me… Time is winding up and I have to redo everything… I don’t want my fan base to think I will not materialize my dreams!”

He responded…”But you are still doing it! You can’t redo something you never started… You can’t fail at something your not trying to do..and as long as you keep at it your fan base will be family and they will love the hard work your putting out for them.”

So from me yelling obscenities and sorriest woes…I began to Praise,Thank and lift up my God!

I promised you all, most importantly,that you would go through every process with me and see every step being made… Not just the good but even this. 

So,I am drawing up my business plan properly through my class on small business,my book coming out this fall 2015 will be called “Now” and is my current poetry which will move backwards to “Situations”, my new proposals for grants and monies I am doing over right, and now…I can exhale.

This is one prayer that helped me tonight! I cannot fail because I am still working on it all!