September post of the month-“Fetty Wap”


(Above is the cover of his new album)

Due to the fact that I have not obtained permissions from Fetty on a bio…I will not be plagiarizing his info, however you can find this information as well as him on all the major media outlets and on his website…

I will, however,give a critique on his latest album.

(Purchasing from Amazon was easy, fast and affordable with Amazon Prime)

 I am so proud of this brother from my hometown Paterson,New Jersey. He has risen against many odds to make it within the music industry, and accomplished many goals that some only dream of.

His music is profound and one of a kind. His new album which just hit the stores on September 25th is straight fire! He is a must have in your music collection and I look forward to purchasing many more albums of his to come.



September Post of the month- all rights are reserved to the artist and/or featured person on the post..and is in no way the property of Wanda Jefferson and/or any of my affiliates. All rights of this post are under the ownership of Fetty Wap and his affiliates.

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