Business Classes,Works and Finance


Along with my own personal initiatives I have taken up a small business class and business math class.

This way,when all is said and done, It will be done so correctly.

I take great pride in my work and my deadlines…deadlines can be moved(although I detest doing so) but quality leaves a lasting impression and I am a perfectionist, I will not put out work stamped with my name that would forsake that quality.

Please bare with me… Although this is all very challenging,It is exciting and I can guarantee all I produce will be worth the wait and will be loved!

My written works and my clothing works…all will come to pass.

I am financially supporting my own dreams through funds of my own and monies that do not put me in debt. Investors are always welcome and grants & proposals have been sent,with new ones being drawn as well.

Your love, prayers, dedication and support makes you not only friends but family.

Thank you!!!


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