Me Neither


Let us all be mindful that we have pasts. Yes you may think yours is better than mine or vice versa but to God it is what it is.

Living in the present we should strive to do better, not only by holding our judgement of others but not critizing those who are suffering from where we been because they are just going through it now.

Where would we be if given a life sentence for all of our mistakes? 

Seriously I may not know what you’ve done…what your doing or what you will do but if God forgives us who are we to condemn another person to hell????

So easily we forget how we got over, how we needed a helping hand, how we needed a second chance.

Let’s put our noses down and let our love stand up.. You never know you may fall again and you may very well need the person your badmouthing to help you back up.

My dad used to say God bless him … Never look down on a man unless your willing to pick him up.


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