Off Grid


Due to midterms and other projects, I’ll be off the grid until Monday!




I’m in a business state of mind on today!

In a few short weeks I will submit my book for its review and start the publishing of it.

Also I will make a decision on where to establish my business account.The phone number, fax number, and email will be established and then I can focus more on advertising and the first  part of my clothing venture with TheXross…Tshirts.

I  excited and nervous all at once. This is stuff that I truly dreamed of doing my whole life but I just did not have the faith in God to move forward on. 

This is what my mom and dad saw for me…Happiness in what you do is not a job it is a career. 

Enjoy your day as I will mine!


June Post Of The Month…….”Risqu’e”

Risqu’e has its website up…Check it out Today.

wandasncredible the blog


One of my very good childhood friends, Parisa Nichole

has created a clothing line. It’s called Risqu’e. It is very unique and sophisticated. I believe in her and this line, and I am incredibly proud to know her. It is truly a blessing to see Sistahs striving for bigger and better things. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and this post is to show her love and support. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram to purchase your very own pieces from her beautiful collection…TODAY!

PLEASE NOTE: All photos listed on this post, including the name Risqu’e is under the sole proprietorship of Parisa Nichole and her affiliates.

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Today I’m in a great place in my mind! It’s a brand new day and a brand new start! I’m tying up loose ends on the book, I’ve got some proposals to send off to future investors, I’m managing all my media outlets,work,kids,hubby and trying to stay on the deans list with my second round of classes ending 8/10.

I felt the need to throw a pity party and to roll around in the tea and cake until I take a Hennessy bath and cry in the corner like a school girl naked to my mom and dad.

But No!

I refuse to go to that little kid place and drop Gods hand while he’s doing so much in the superstore of life. I refuse to doubt him! I refuse to be anxious! I refuse to worry! And most importantly…. No damn tea parties or Hennessy baths!

My big girl Hanes underwear are on because I am not alone! I was not given too much to bare…God just trusts me a lot and no devil in hell can stop the him in me!

So instead of crying it’s not easy… I’m gonna take that knot wrap it around all attacks of the enemy…And say take your “Knot” back to hell.

I’m “NOT” easy!…To give up!!!


The 7th Day


Every Sunday… I take the time to not do anything strenuous. I watch the sun rise and I let my day be a blessing to my Lord, my family and myself.

I do not judge or condemn others for whatever the do on Sunday’s but for me… I let my brain rest and my spirit absorb what is needed for the rest of the week.

I praise and pray showing my appreciation to my Lord and asking his guidance to flourish within me.

And I look back at my week and let the lessons find a resting place in me.

Blessings to All.  

Enjoy your day!

Think About It…..


I want to live in a society where there are no class systems.

A world where your wealth is not just given to you at birth, nor is poverty.

Where you have the social mobility to acquire skills and through merit you can propel yourself to greater heights or through laziness plunge to depths of poverty.

Where education is not better or worse based on income, or where you live!

Where culture does not stagnate your opportunities but challenges the minds of others to explore it.

Think about it….A Classless Society!

Enjoy Your Day…❤️❤️❤️

Social Control


Society often tries to regulate our thoughts and behavior…its a form of control…a social control.

We don’t realize it often but it’s a very sneaky way of getting you to do what “allegedly”everybody else is “choosing” do or else you are deemed “different.”


I hate coats and often don’t wear one in the winter and people in different cultures wear complete covering in the summer..society considers that”odd” and although there is no law being broken, since we don’t mold into the wearing a coat for winter or wearing less clothes in summer controls, we are “different.”

Social Controls shame those who don’t live by them or accept them.


I’m loud, I ask a lot of questions and I’ve always embraced multicultural music and books. As a young Black girl, I was “odd”. Girls were to be soft spoken,seen and not heard and set into the cultural boundaries of music and reading, socially controlled within my Black community.

I liked school, I got high marks, I was favored by teachers, again my unspoken allegiance to no boundaries often left me feeling empty and considered”different”, but it’s because of my “difference” that I am blessed!

Say No to Social Controls! 

I refuse to conform to a way of thinking that is not my own. I like what I like and I love what I love and I don’t let anyone define that for me but me.

My family, friends and all in between…I beseech you to never ever allow society to dictate your thoughts or behavior… It’s because of “difference” that I have an “I Won’t Give Up” attitude… I don’t care how young or how old I was or am, I know that my dreams will come true and I don’t allow anyone to influence me otherwise.

Be free! Be Blessed and Enjoy your weekend!




Many times in my life… I sit.. Alone sipping my coffee, eating a oatmeal cookie and watching the morning news..

After I have prayed, and the house is empty… I reflect and think…

I over analyze and multitask pulling together my self and life before my own departure…

But in those few lonely moments I wonder What If? I regret? I just don’t want to….Fail.

I think on the closed doors, the money spent, the if I had only just….

And it’s haunting….

Haunting like it waits for me to have just a few idol moments to hear it’s cruel hideous voice and blown up visions.

But I beseech you family… Do not listen! Do not see! Do not wonder!

You are here… Right now… Alive regardless… And your failures and conquests were all to make you the very being you are today…

All that you want…. Go for it!!!! Let no one stop you or discourage you..

If you fall …Get up! Learn!Grow! And come back stronger! 

Thank God for your failures, your days of running late, your lovers of the past, your missed,closed or destroyed doors…

Focus on the open ones! The ones still standing that everyone thought would fail, and the people and places and opportunities that are still with you, no matter how near or far!

Believe me … you think you missed a smoking gun of opportunity but in fact you dodged a bullet!!

Gods grace continually be upon you!