Social Control


Society often tries to regulate our thoughts and behavior…its a form of control…a social control.

We don’t realize it often but it’s a very sneaky way of getting you to do what “allegedly”everybody else is “choosing” do or else you are deemed “different.”


I hate coats and often don’t wear one in the winter and people in different cultures wear complete covering in the summer..society considers that”odd” and although there is no law being broken, since we don’t mold into the wearing a coat for winter or wearing less clothes in summer controls, we are “different.”

Social Controls shame those who don’t live by them or accept them.


I’m loud, I ask a lot of questions and I’ve always embraced multicultural music and books. As a young Black girl, I was “odd”. Girls were to be soft spoken,seen and not heard and set into the cultural boundaries of music and reading, socially controlled within my Black community.

I liked school, I got high marks, I was favored by teachers, again my unspoken allegiance to no boundaries often left me feeling empty and considered”different”, but it’s because of my “difference” that I am blessed!

Say No to Social Controls! 

I refuse to conform to a way of thinking that is not my own. I like what I like and I love what I love and I don’t let anyone define that for me but me.

My family, friends and all in between…I beseech you to never ever allow society to dictate your thoughts or behavior… It’s because of “difference” that I have an “I Won’t Give Up” attitude… I don’t care how young or how old I was or am, I know that my dreams will come true and I don’t allow anyone to influence me otherwise.

Be free! Be Blessed and Enjoy your weekend!