As part of my business initiatives it’s important for me to have the love and support of you all.

You are why I am able to do what I do. Your my supporters, my friends, my family and hopefully my future customers.

In striving to make innovative products and services “Like” help me to go that extra mile.

In order for investors to feel comfortable to “Invest” in my ideas, goals, dreams and “Brand”, they must see a need , a supply and a demand from the public.

So know you liking and looking at my blog, website and FanPage, is more than just a like, it’s an investment into my future, my children’s future, my grand children’s future, and so on and so forth.

We don’t know the day nor the hour of  passing or the Lords coming, so rather than leave my family debt, I would like to leave them a business they can continue,add to, and be of service to the community with.

Once I receive funding and meet my goals, I want to donate to those who are less fortunate, I want to travel and be a blessing to others.

Soon I will have a donate fund and a preorder fund for my upcoming book, but in the meantime, your love and support comes from “likes” and ” views”.

I believe in God, he believes in me, and I need you to do so too.

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