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So call me a Neanderthal (lol), but I am just getting a Instagram. It’s one of the goals I set for myself this week.

Accomplishing goals big or small are important to progress. It shows your audience that you are dependable, It shows you affiliates that you mean business, It gives you a warm “Go for it” feeling in your gut, but most importantly it says to God ” I appreciate the time that you’ve given me and I will not waste it”.

With that said…..

I will explore the world of Instagram until I go off into dreamland…Peace!



I am spreading the word about my blog site and website via Facebook so far but by the end of this week, I will also be on Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter.

It’s important as a up and coming entrepreneur, that I reach out to as many people as possible. I want the world to know…I am serious! I want my dreams and goals to “Live”and not just be “Dreams and Goals”! I am editing my first work”Situations”,documenting all my ideas and putting in the work to make it all happen.

Also, to add to these marketing tools, I want to advertise for others. I want products and services offered from my blog site and website, that reflect the public’s interests. In turn, we all gain positive exposure and profits. So I reached out to a couple of business sites that deal with advertising and await their responses. I will also be reaching out to family and friends who have business advertisement needs,who would like ad space at a affordable cost!

Advertising is crucial to prosper within any business, and everyday that I have life, is a great day for “Prosperity”!



There is a catchy commercial slogan that would say…”The best part of waking up…is Folgers in your cup”…(lol)… But I beg to differ…The best part of waking up…for me is…..Waking Up!

Giving God time…Giving Wanda rest…and enjoying the processes of it all prepare my week for newness.

My progress is more than just ideas and work…My spiritual progress is vital and instrumental to it all…Without the clarity and oneness with my God…nothing is possible!

With that said……..

I take time today….Sunday…to pray,spiritually reflect,savor my life,love and Liberty!

Bare Recipes


Anyone that knows me, knows I can cook! They also know that I “Food Stalk”…meaning…I post ridiculous amounts of recipes, with pics of food(on my Facebook page) I want to eat, but can’t unless…. I want to be a bazillion pounds (lol)…

So in light of my habit …that I refuse to change….my next project will be my recipe book “Bare Recipes”. I want to make all the food I see and love by recreating them… My way! I want to offer substitutions and also low cost alternatives!

So this is my start…My first posted dish and rather bootleg recipe (lol). This is just generic and doesn’t incorporate all of the attributes each recipe will have(as stated above) but It’s all me…from scratch! (I posted the paper twice because my writing is doctor worthy (lol)

     BTW… I don’t eat pork at all…Its not even allowed in my house…It’s my personal preference and not due to anything religious.

The Darkness


  During the time of my very uninvited monthly friend    

        ….when I’m left alone to my own bipolar thoughts… meaning in my room because everyone is scared (lol)…I don’t let that creativity go to waste…I express the darkness within and I let it be. “I know who I am! I know who I’ve become! I am still flesh and blood…Redeemed!”-W.D.Jefferson My mind goes off into a faraway place ….not too far away but far enough… into the darkness!



Having a clear vision is a key element on your road to success. If your vision is cloudy,fuzzy,distracted and/or unstable;You can expect the same results from your work. 

My vision includes keeping God at the forefront of all my inspirational choices but I do not look down nor judge anyone else for choosing differently. 

The Vision is clear: I see my goals clearly, I am stable! I am focused! I am ready!




Communication can seem very easy for most, for me its hit and miss. To some I can be very personable and loving, but to others I may seem harsh or demanding. Knowing what to say and how to say it is the key to success. I am yet working on my delivery and believe me it is not easy.

The best people to ask around you are your immediate family and friends…..Or maybe not!!!(lol). Hubby and kids often think I’m a bully and tyrant,but I truly mean all of my rants and ravings with love (lol)!!! In all things, I respect their constructive criticism and believe it or not, I am striving to improve my communication skills, with them also. I know,by communicating better,I can reach my highest achievements,complete all my goals and be a blessing to all around me!

To my family this piece was made for you!10479395_10206128783231524_9179055214158254997_n

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The Call



( The pieces on this page are created by me…W.D.Jefferson…for the line TheCross under WannaQ.Inc)


I am very pleased to be living in the present and understanding my true calling. Its hard going through life trying to figure out, why you just don’t fit….But now I know. If you don’t fit into what modern society conditions folks to believe, if you don’t want to live a cubicle life, seek your higher calling by making the only call. Be present,listen,let every odd detail find a resting place within your heart and when you hang up…You will know exactly what to do!