Update 2


This blog, my website and my fanpage are accessible through your mobile phone just as with your desktop/laptop or tablet!

On wandasncredible.com on the impressum page is my Facebook feed, Twitter feed and music. A portfolio page has been added also with many new pics and a slideshow.

wandasncredible.wordpress.com has new things added to the pages as well as a monthly feature that will be the post of the month.

On the Wandasncredible FanPage new pics have been added.

Please Like!!! Like!!! Like!!! It shows my future investors the seriousness of my business!




On my website, blog and fan page a impressum has been added. An impressum is my legal notice and terms and conditions for my work.

It’s important for me to put myself out there but it’s even more important that I get full credit for my work and when it does start to sell, I am compensated.

This is not a bootleg company or get rich scheme. My work will be marketed strictly by the book and I will grow as God gives me strength! 

Please check out each of my social media extensions, this blog, the website and fan page! A lot has been added and will continue each day! Thank you for all that you do in the process of my success!!…. You all Rock💯