Post of the Month


I’ve decided,Once a month I will promote a small business/entrepreneurship/artist I know of. My beautiful friend Parisa Nichole was the first for her clothing line “Risqu’e”.

It’s my way of giving back and promoting new entrepreneurs, small business owners and new artists.

Soon my blog and website will have advertisements up and space for sale, but this promotion is strictly to give exposure to new voices in business as I am embarking upon this same newness.

If anyone has specific suggestions and I receive more than one I will put them all together and do a monthly drawing for who to write about,but do know you can only be written about once and I will pull from the pool once a month until everyone is picked, If I receive no suggestions, I will just pick a entrepreneurs and/ or small business of my choosing once a month!

Giving back is essential to the development of good business practice and for life in general! I wish all including myself great success in our newfound ventures!!!❤️❤️❤️