June Post Of The Month…….”Risqu’e”


One of my very good childhood friends, Parisa Nichole

 has created a clothing line. It’s called Risqu’e. It is very unique and sophisticated. I believe in her and this line, and I am incredibly proud to know her. It is truly a blessing to see Sistahs striving for bigger and better things. She is a beautiful person inside and out, and this post is to show her love and support. Check her out on Facebook and Instagram to purchase your very own pieces from her beautiful collection…TODAY!



PLEASE NOTE: All photos listed on this post, including the name Risqu’e is under the sole proprietorship of Parisa Nichole and her affiliates.

For Life


There are some things in life, that are “For Life”!!! You know what they are for you but for me it’s listed below:

  • God/Christ/Holy Spirit
  • My Mom and Dad (SIP)
  • Family (Hubby,Kids and all others I consider to be family)
  • Goals/Dreams/Aspirations/Financial Stability

Abandonment is not an option! Betrayal not happening! Unconditional love for! Give my life for!Not even a question!


A special dedication to Michael Jackson…SIP Mike*

(* Please note the Michael collage above is not my creation)