Bare Recipes


Anyone that knows me, knows I can cook! They also know that I “Food Stalk”…meaning…I post ridiculous amounts of recipes, with pics of food(on my Facebook page) I want to eat, but can’t unless…. I want to be a bazillion pounds (lol)…

So in light of my habit …that I refuse to change….my next project will be my recipe book “Bare Recipes”. I want to make all the food I see and love by recreating them… My way! I want to offer substitutions and also low cost alternatives!

So this is my start…My first posted dish and rather bootleg recipe (lol). This is just generic and doesn’t incorporate all of the attributes each recipe will have(as stated above) but It’s all me…from scratch! (I posted the paper twice because my writing is doctor worthy (lol)

     BTW… I don’t eat pork at all…Its not even allowed in my house…It’s my personal preference and not due to anything religious.