The Darkness


  During the time of my very uninvited monthly friend    

        ….when I’m left alone to my own bipolar thoughts… meaning in my room because everyone is scared (lol)…I don’t let that creativity go to waste…I express the darkness within and I let it be. “I know who I am! I know who I’ve become! I am still flesh and blood…Redeemed!”-W.D.Jefferson My mind goes off into a faraway place ….not too far away but far enough… into the darkness!



Having a clear vision is a key element on your road to success. If your vision is cloudy,fuzzy,distracted and/or unstable;You can expect the same results from your work. 

My vision includes keeping God at the forefront of all my inspirational choices but I do not look down nor judge anyone else for choosing differently. 

The Vision is clear: I see my goals clearly, I am stable! I am focused! I am ready!